Jennifer Tillet

Jennifer is a Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer with over 15 years of education and training experience. She facilitates the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success course, High Impact Presentations, and Leadership Training for Managers. Jennifer’s philosophy on professional development is that the day we stop trying to improve ourselves, our organizations, and the world around us is the day we stop living.

Jennifer is passionate about helping individuals, as well as teams, reach their goals through high-quality coaching. With Dale Carnegie, her experience spans many different industries, including engineering, finance, health care, manufacturing, commercial real estate, the railroad, and many more. As an educator, she has coached students, teachers, administrators, school sites, and districts on program implementation, growth, and sustainability for many types of initiatives.

As a Speech and Debate Coach, Jennifer developed over 80 State and National qualifiers, with over 15 students placing in the top 10. This experience translates to the training room as Jennifer is skilled at empowering others to be more impactful communicators.

Work Experience

  • 2 years as a Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer
  • 5 years as an English teach for Lodi Unified School District


Industry Experience

  • Education
  • Master of Education from National University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations