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Beyond Technology: Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI

Artificial Intelligence refers to IT systems that sense, comprehend, learn, and act – and it’s changing the way we live and work. As organizations deploy AI it will have profound impact on jobs, employee engagement and corporate culture. Understanding what that impact will be and how to prepare people for success will be critical.

Culture of Employee Engagement | Thought Leadership
How Managers Can Build a Culture of Employee Engagement

It’s rare to find an executive today who says employee engagement is not a priority. Yet despite more than a decade of work, most longitudinal studies show that the average level of employee engagement in recent years is essentially unchanged.

Managers Matter | Thought Leadership
Managers Matter: A Relationship-Centered Approach to Driving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement translates to superior performance. Knowing how managers act as the catalyst for engagement provides organizations with further insight on how to move the needle on employment engagement levels – and realize the bottom line benefits.

Recognize Blind Spots | Thought Leadership
Recognizing Leadership Blind SpotsI

Research shows that leaders have blind spots, and they can be costly to the organization. Sadly, most leaders believe that their vision in the world of business is 20/20, so it takes a little convincing to get them to see the error of their ways. This thought leadership paper, supported by employee surveys, identifies the blind spots and offers effective solutions to address them.

Transforming Attitudes and Actions | Thought Leadership
Transforming Attitudes and Actions

This thought leadership paper helps you understand the elements of a strong corporate culture. In a recent study across four countries, Dale Carnegie set out to examine the perceptions of senior leaders on the strength of their own company cultures, their attitudes about its importance and impact, and actions they are taking to improve it.

Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement

Emotions and engagement are deeply-interconnected. Every touchpoint of the employee experience can elicit emotions – some of which drive engagement and others that kill it.

The 3 + 3 of Experience Innovation

This thought leadership paper focuses on six trending innovations that companies are using to address the challenges they identify as barriers to their success. There are 3 market-facing trends along with 3 workplace-focused trends. The market-facing trends analyze an in-depth understanding of their customers’ expectations, and unexpressed needs, while the workplace trends evaluate how best to optimize the workplace experience.

Sales: Why Long-Term Customer Loyalty is Still Driven by Trusted Relationships

71% of customers said they would rather buy from a sales professional they completely trusted than one who gave them a lower price.

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Creating Cultures that Engage and Retain Millennials & Generation Z

Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce and Generation Z is on its way. How do we engage these younger workers? The data covered in this thought leadership paper provides strategies for inspiring relationships across generational divides to create a culture that works together.

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