Testimonials From Executives

North State Grocery

North State Grocery

Cisco Air Systems

Cisco Air Systems

“The biggest change in me since I’ve taken the Dale Carnegie course is my ability to project and to actually speak up. ”

– Serrinea Granville, JP Morgan Chase Testimonial

“You can’t be a teacher unless you’re a student. The training gave me an authentic sense of self-confidence in interactions with others.”

–Austin Kapetanakis, CheapOair Testimonial

“[The trainer] opened with, ‘…I’m going to stretch you to a 14, so that when you leave training, you contract to a 10.’ And that’s what he did.”

– Tim Karger, Dell EMC Testimonial

“What Dale Carnegie’s course taught me is everybody’s voice matters. You, too, can have the strength to convey your opinion in an effective, clear way.”

– Glenn Kalokira, Estee Lauder Testimonial

“We came back to Dale Carnegie time and time again because of their tried-and-true vision, their mission, and their values. Dale Carnegie’s training is unrivaled”

– Topher Olsen, Alliance Residential Testimonial

“I recently did a training where they said you are better off investing deeply into the person that you already are. I found out that I have natural gifts as a leader.”

– Macha Ross, Google Testimonial

From the Participants

2019 Alumni Reunion

2019 Alumni Reunion



“What I’ve learned is I don’t have to do it all by myself. Learning how to delegate was a breakthrough for me at the Dale Carnegie training.”

– Lannette Johnson | Purchasing Manager, WhisperKOOL

“The High Impact Presentation course helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. It also helped me develop self-confidence. ”

– Derek F. | Customer Service Representative, WhisperKOOL

“The group interaction was great. The Leadership Training for Managers course has helped my interaction with my team.”

– Samantha M. | Marketing Manager, Ultra Wine Racks

From the Trainers

Sandra M. Reed | Certified Instructor
Samuel Mattioli | Master Trainer