Tom Schneider

Tom took the Dale Carnegie training course back in 1986. It was a time in Tom’s life where he was unsure of what direction to take his life and did not know how to create success for himself. The Dale course opened his eyes to the endless possibilities all around him.


“By building my confidence, I recognized that I could reach new levels of success by getting out of my comfort zone and taking action.”


After that, Tom grew in his skill and knowledge until the opportunity came for him to own and operate his own manufacturing company. “My greatest joy is developing young employees who come into the company without any real skill set. Many of them have grown up with adversity. They have a good attitude and work ethic, and they yearn for guidance and support to develop their potential.”


In 2018, a new opportunity presented itself in terms of a local Dale Carnegie franchise that was available for sale. “It combined my desire to understand and operate a business under a different business model. Our Franchise allows our team to provide leadership training to my existing employees and a host of businesses and individuals in the Sacramento community.”