Excellence in Customer Service | Aug. 18 – 19, 2020


This course will help you leverage positive experiences to create customer loyalty, long-term relationships, and build customers who are champions for your organization.


This program can be offered in one full day or in a two ½-day format.  With an emphasis on the skills needed to build external and internal relationships, our training tackles issues such as how people can exceed customer expectations, initiate new services to generate add-on and cross-selling opportunities, and leverage industry-wide “best practices” to strengthen customer ties.  Companies tell us the training brings measurable gains in improved service quality, better resolution of customer conflict, and increased customer loyalty.


  What You’ll Learn

You will learn proven methods for opening customers’ eyes to the possibilities that you have to offer. You will be able to help customers see that, even with an increased initial expense, your suggestions add more value. The end result is win-win … a satisfied customer and additional sales. This program will open your eyes to the seemingly little things you can do to follow through with customers to know you cherish them. Using a creative, yet organized approach, you explore a variety of follow-through activities to carry on contact and exceed their expectations for ongoing conversation and care.


  Why you want to learn it

Loyal customers. They’re the engine of every business. Yet how do companies equip employees to perform their role of winning and retaining customers? Of figuring out customer priorities? Of applying tested strategies to foster enduring relationships? Dale Carnegie Training® brings companies the right tools to cultivate valued, lasting customers. These include practices to help employees become good interpreters of what customers want today, and expect tomorrow. We present the most effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction and client defection. We even offer strategies employees can use to negotiate big wins for both their companies and their customers.

  • Module 1: Attitudes for Service
  • Module 2: Manage Customer Expectations
  • Module 3: Cross and Up Sell
  • Module 4: Customer Follow Through


  How it will help you

  •  Understand and apply a customer focused approach to service and sales
  • Manage expectations and follow through to exceed expectations
  • Improve internal customer service and processes
  • Create additional buying opportunities that add value to the customer