Dale Carnegie of Sacramento is in the business of providing the best leadership training programs for individuals and companies who have the desire to pursue personal and professional growth and development in their lives. This training is based on the timeless principals developed by Dale Carnegie many years ago.

The development of people through leadership training is a rewarding experience which enhances the lives of the individuals and their community and prepares them for future opportunities based on their training and abilities. Dale Carnegie of Sacramento has a passion for helping people develop their untapped potential through training, coaching, and encouragement.


With Participants:

  • We believe that all people have undeveloped potential. Our goal is to help you recognize and develop your leadership potential through education and hands-on interaction. The more committed you are to the process, the more you will get out of it.


  • We want to understand your needs and growth goals. Therefore, our client relations manager will conduct an interview with you by asking a series of open-ended questions that gives us a clear understanding of who you are, where do you see yourself in the future and what you would like to achieve through leadership training.


  • Our team will use the information we received to create the best approach to developing your skills. By understanding your needs, we can create a quality training experience to remove roadblocks that have held you back or made you question your abilities. Our goal is to put you in a fun and challenging environment that will get you out of your comfort zone and encourage real, lasting change for the better.


  • If your company has sent you to training, we will also interview your manager to understand their goals for investing into your training. We can then align these goals into actionable outcomes which will give you the tools and confidence to make a meaningful impact in your work life and with every aspect of your personal life as well.


With Corporate Training:

  • Our corporate clients all have the same challenges in common. How to grow their companies and take advantage of new opportunities in the market place. The problem, not having enough knowledgeable team members to lead and support those opportunities. With the marketplace for experienced employees in high demand, companies must make the investment in their current employees to grow their skillset and keep them from moving to other companies where they believe they will receive more opportunities to learn and grow.


  • Our approach includes taking time to understand our corporate client’s business model and specific needs. We will schedule a series of meetings focused on asking questions to gain a clear understanding of the specific goals for training. We will share our experiences with other companies and their results. We then custom tailor training based on the company culture, their vision for the future and the values which unite the employees and inspire them to do their best work every day.


  • This process includes visiting their businesses, stores and even at times their customers. These are great learning opportunities which give us the necessary InSite needed to fine-tune a training curriculum that will create lasting results and is in alignment with their vision for the future.

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