A Client-Centered Sales Approach

Build Meaningful and Powerful Relationships

Being able to listen to our clients and understand their needs is critical in sales. Yet these are often overlooked by our eagerness to close a sale. We become focused on selling our products or services that we at times don’t know what’s our client’s true needs.

Great sales individuals have a high level of emotional intelligence and are able to see their client’s point of view to provide solutions that address their needs. Through active listening, we are able to uncover their “dominant buying motive.” We are then able to paint a clear picture of their needs and provide a solution that aligns with the results they are looking for. Once we have a common vision of the desired solution, we can then utilize one of several methods to close the sale.

We sell what our customers buy, not the features of our products.


  What You’ll Learn

  • What people Buy vs. What we Sell
  • Listening Ladder
  • Word Picture
  • Closing Techniques


  Why you want to learn it

In a period when customers can do their own research prior to speaking to you and/or purchase your product and service online solely based on price, we need to add value to their experience by truly understanding their needs and providing the best solution. This positive experience will encourage them to purchase from you and keep you top-of-mind in the future.


  How it will help you

Learning these strategies will help you build meaningful and powerful relationships with your customers to encourage ongoing business.

  • April 28, 2020

Time: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Duration: 2 Hours

Individuals who directly engage and work with customers as a normal part of their job duties. Individuals who want to understand how to increase their sales potential.


“ What I’ve learned is I don’t have to do it all by myself. Learning how to delegate was a breakthrough for me at the Dale Carnegie training.”
– Lannette Johnson | Purchasing Manager, WhisperKOOL

“ The Leadership Training for Managers course taught me more about myself so that I can be better, not just in the workplace, but in my personal life.  ”
–Samantha Owusu | Marketing Manager, Vinotheque

“ My breakthrough at Dale Carnegie was understanding that the way you deliver a message really impacts the outcome of what you’re trying to achieve.”
– Marcos Cruz | Technical Designer, Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars

The Bottom Line …

Customer Service training can help deliver a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty.