What is Carnegie Alumni?

The goal of our Dale Carnegie Alumni program is to create an environment where our graduates can make their leadership journey a lifelong investment. It is important to be around people who share your passion for learning and developing your leadership skills. Our evening programs offer that opportunity.

  • Our Carnegie alumni program is open to graduates every other Thursday evening at our training headquarters.
  • At our training offices, you will receive the opportunity to come into a friendly environment and practice the skills that challenged you to grow. You can Practice your public speaking skills and polish your presentation style. You will receive coaching and encouragement.
  • You will have the opportunity to network with other graduates, many of whom you may have done your initial training. Come and share stories of overcoming challenges and receive new opportunities to grow within your company.
  • We will share with you some of the content in a variety of other courses available which give you insight into a host of specific techniques for management, sales, and public speaking.
  • We also encourage our past graduates to make a commitment to solidifying their knowledge by helping to train others. Become a graduate assistant to help others learn and grow.
  • We also host an assortment of fun events, wine tasting, cooking, dancing, and even self-defense classes are part of our group activities.